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KPPR Events & Marketing is an event production, public relations, Event Advertising agency that connects brands and consumers through lifestyle marketing events, nightlife entertainment services. Search for location-based events near you and attain the best nightlife happening around you. You may address today’s needs in multitier strategic promotional campaigns.

Elevation: Season Opening Party 1

When it comes to creating a video, there is a lot of preparation before hitting the record button. An important consideration is where you will record your video. Making sure you have the proper setting and gear for recording will drastically improve the

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Elevation: Season Opening Party 2

It may seem obvious, but picking a suitable location is critical for setting up a recording studio. Before you start recording, you’ll want to make sure it’s somewhere you feel comfortable, is convenient, and is easily accessible.

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Feel Free and Enjoy
in VIP Clubio with Joy

We are very excited to have launched our brand new cocktail bar! Located on our ground floor. Come in, have a drink, some complimentary nibbles and relax.

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