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Working with Spirit Guides
Meeting and working with your spirit guides can give you insights into your current life situation as well as helping you understand your past and the people around you. This two-hour workshop will allow you to meet with your spirit guides and open the conversation channel. Admission is limited to 6 because I find a small class size gives a better experience. If you already have a relationship with spirit guides, this is an opportunity to strengthen your connection and meet specific guides who can help you in areas of your life that are important to you. We have life path guides, healing guides, business guides and even relationship guides. Please bring a notebook and pen, colored pencils and a bottle of water. Wear comfortable clothes (layering is good) because we'll be sitting on the floor. If that's a long stretch for your blood sugar, feel free to bring some nuts or snacks. Spirit guides are entities, energies or spirits who help and advise you on in this incarnation. Your guides — you have multiple — came to you before you were made flesh. They are non-corporeal beings, assigned by the universal mind to travel alongside you while you exist on this earth. They are responsible for helping you navigate your way through life, expand your realization of your higher self, and make your journey easier. Spirit guides advise, nudge, comfort, and of course, guide. Their purpose is not to do things for you or make your decisions; they are there just to guide and inform. They are kindly entities, specifically concerned with your good.

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