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You Sleuth Augmented Reality Detective Experience
About this event Looking to get outside and enjoy a new experience that can be done safely during the pandemic? This is not a traditional event so there is no need for you to be close to anybody who is not in your own group and you will be outdoors at all times. What is YouSleuth? This all age activity can be done on your own schedule, in your own neighborhood and with your own group of people. This is a self-guided event where you play alone with your group using your smartphones to interact with the virtual characters in the game. Put on your detective hat and shoes and explore your own neighborhood as you gather information about your case and receive phone calls from the Chief of Police. Use the in-game real-world map to find your way to the physical locations of the victim and the suspects so you can interview them. When you have enough facts to eliminate everybody except the crook, make your accusation and receive feedback on your investigation. How many people can play? Any number of people can participate together and the ticket price is per group, not per person. Smaller groups are recommended. All team members can follow along on a single mobile device or the game can be shared across multiple devices using the same account login. You can even split up to interview different suspects at the same time. Another option is to assign roles within your team such as navigating, interviewing, taking notes or piecing together the facts to solve the crime. What time does this start? Because this experience is self-guided you can play any time on any day - no reservations required! We recommend going out during daylight hours. Duration averages between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

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