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Sound Medicine - Sound Healing Journey
A sensory journey where sounds are combined to create specific healing vibrations and frequencies through the use of Crystal Bowls and Didgeridoos; Rattles and Native American flute; Shamanic Drums and Tibetan Bowls; Rain-sticks, Bells-stick and ancient whistles; Crystal and Bamboo Chimes; Voice. Marco Tesi will provide a Sound Healing inspired by the sounds of nature. All the layers of sound frequencies will flow intuitively and spontaneously at the moment by playing a vast array of instruments whose vibrations and tones will promote the merge of our perceptions, minds and hearts with the restoring and wise frequencies of Mother Nature. Sound naturally entrains with the cycles of the nervous system and the information held within the waters of our cells, therefore melodic sound vibrations can facilitate healing at a physical and emotional level by rebalancing our system to a soothing state of resonance with the fundamental harmonious notes of Mother Earth. This event holds the intention to provide a grounding experience in the middle of this often fast pace lifestyle, ultimately this space wants to invites us to open our Hearts to a renewed sense of acceptance, to expand our Minds to new perspectives, so to integrate in the wholeness of our being anything that right now demands our most sincere Care. Glad to welcome you in this sacred Space. Marco You will experience: An initial body oriented practice to bring awareness to the present moment and whatever you are holding within through the use of breathe work and subtle gentle movements. A hour Sound Journey made of ancient healing sound frequencies to facilitate an introspective experience, perhaps the contact with unconscious memories still present in our body-mind connection. You might experience an emotional release accompanied by physical sensations like waves of cold and warmth, tingling, lightness, openness. You might recall memories under the form of visuals, physical sensations or even clear thoughts. When & Where: 10 South Street, Paddington, Sydney Sunday 11th of December. Doors open at 4:45pm. What to bring: Water bottle, Mat, small pillow and a blanket if you like to be extra comfortable About Marco Marco Tesi is a facilitator of healing by helping people to integrate body sensations, emotional feelings, repressed memories and repeated unconscious patterns in the wholeness of their spiritual and physical being. From a young age he witnessed high levels of sensitivity and empathy, the same that now he is able to welcome and integrate to provide genuine support for others. In 2011 he obtained a master’s degree in “Adapted and Preventive Motor Activities”. Over time his curiosity led him to explore and work in the field of psychosomatics, so deepening the existing communication between body, emotions, psyche, breath and traumatic memories. Marco has vast experience working in the field of healing arts . He is qualified in integrative breathing techniques, somatic healing therapies for treating post traumatic stress disorders in a multidisciplinary approach. He is also qualified in integral vibrational sound healing and during the last three years he had the opportunity to deepen and integrate the medicine of the Didgeridoo once he organically encountered two different indigenous teachers along his journey, now he qZza aaincorporates the vibrational medicine of the didgeridoo as a central part of his treatments as sound healing journeys.

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